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Saraya, Mopar, German Shep, Littlewing, Rutland Railroad  stuff is all here!

Welcome everyone to my little place in cyber space. Hope you enjoy, and find some of the stuff  I put here interesting.

Here is a Picture of the Vt. based Rock and roll band I was in for about 4 years. As the Drummer of  I had alot of great times partying all over the New England area as well as our Big thrill of opening for Deep Purple on the first night of their "Slaves and Master's" tour. That same summer we also opened for  "Blue Oyster Cult" in an outdoor festival in N.H. Thanks to our Ax man Steve, who had a martingale system for binary options obsession with a Quality sound we had a thunderous sound system that was tweaked by "Bro" every night. Add a super light show with all kinds of effects and most nights were a party spectacular.  The band broke up in 1994 for the fnal time and we would like to say thanks to all the people who supported us over the years.

Heres some of our Recordings

This Time
Perfect Strangers (Deep Purple Cover-Live Board Recording)
King of Dreams (Deep Purple Cover-Live Board Recording)
Silent Lucidity (Queensryche Cover-Live Board Recording)

Click here to get Steve



I  now have somewhat of a page in tribute to the band Saraya, Starring Sandi Saraya. Our band used to do several of their covers and they have become one of my all time favorite's. Having broken up a few years ago there is not much info on them to be had. Recently I was told that Sandi was the voice in one of those "Mazda " Car commercials. Our sound man met the guitarist of the band a couple years ago and he told him not much was happening with the other members. He was a real nice guy, our sound man said. It is a shame that such a talented group has given up, and I can only hope that some day we might hear some more from these guys and Sandi! From this page I have received alot of e-mail from fans wondering what happened to the band. From places all over the world. Sandi, Please give us some more, You are loved and adored by many, many people. Until then check out there two albums, self titled "Saraya" and "When The Black Bird Sings". Also any info forwarded to me would be appreciated

Go to my  Saraya  page



Heres a link to the coolest Movie ever made.

Easy Rider     I'll never forget the first time I saw this movie in 1969 and how it changed my life!

Heres a great review
Heres Me with Peter Fonda at Laconia Bike week 2000 

Here's some great pics of the bike from the Book: Ultimate Harley Davidson by Hugo Wilson
Here's a great close up of the Engine

Heres our localChapter's web Site

I Picked up my new ride April 7.  A brand new2000 Dyna Wide Glide!  Heres some Pics of it.
This is one sweet ride and nothing beats that Harley sound.

Also my love of classic Mopar muscle cars take up alot of my time so please let me know if you are into Mopars. I have had many over the years including: 67 GTX, 68 -71-72 Road Runners, 70 Challenger R/T, 74 Cuda, and 87 Daytona Shelby Z.

Great Neon Site......Neons.org

If you don't like Mopars click here for a little something for you!

Here's my site on the History of the Rutland Railroads "Island Line" 

Heres some shots of  Snowmobiling in Vermont I took Last Winter. On my Snowmobiling Page

In 1978 I was really into Kiss and had worked  with a guy who was also in a band and they were planning on doing a Kiss Tribute thing. Any ways he had hand made a Gene Costume and let me where it on Halloween Night 1978.
Heres some pics from that night. Pay special attention to the Gargoyle boots. He hand carved them and they were almost exact copies. Needless to say I won First prize that night in the Clubs costume contest!

Some interesting Music links

German Shepherd  dogs

Heres some shots of my "Fuzz"

Hey, I am into Home Theater. Go here to some cool links, with comments on New Satellite system just added. 

"Ain't America Great"

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Check out this place for electronics, They are great!

OneCall: Your Audio / Video Home Theater Choice!

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