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I regard Easy Rider as the best film ever made! The poster gives the best synopsis without spoiling the film. "A man went looking for America and couldn't find it anywhere..." 

I recall as a young teenager watching this film with my dad. It made me cry at the end. I've heard stories of sadness, anger, even cheering. Few films can boast such a range of emotional response. 

My original copy of the film has seen better days. When I heard that the wide-screen version had hit the American market, I rushed out and bought it. I felt as though the film I watched was a product of recent times with a historical theme. It reminded me of the fantastic importance of Easy Rider not just as a film of content, but as a cinegraphic masterpiece. Then in December of 1999 I purchased the just released DVD version. Every Easy Rider fan should get at least the wide screen format but I highly reccomend the DVD. It has an additional documentary on the making of the film as well as Dennis Hopper providing an alternate dialogue over the film. Between these a person can learn more Easy Rider trivia than from any other source I know of. 

Late in the spring of 1998 I saw Easy Rider on the big screen at a local alternative movie house. Before the movie they played a preview for Wild Angels. If you haven't seen Easy Rider in a theater you should really try to. It confirms the directing talent of Dennis Hopper in his ability to truly utilize the entire shot without crowding the frames. Not to mention seeing those two choppers up close and personal. I went back to see it again in 1999. 

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Buy Stuff! Purchase your favorite Easy Rider goods on-line. I still haven't found Easy Rider T-shirts. 

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